Let's see what is the unique sound he's did! ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

BEST 32 | CONSTENT L VS DOUZI | 2016 CHINA BEATBOX BATTLE Winner : DOUZI Full video @ youtu.be/KknUNMWEqYA Also, we will release more info about 2017CBB in the further future. Select the "HD" for high quality video! Please like our fanpage and subscribe our YouTube channel. Special thanks to SHOUT OUT STUDIO. ▶️YouTube channel : goo.gl/qqwxTE ▶️Instagram: goo.gl/cBSRzW #SkilleR #Pe4enkata #ZeDe #Double #HeartGrey #313 #FATKING #beatbox #ChinaBeatboxBattle #CBB #AsiaBeatboxTour #Pleasesupportus #CHINABEATBOX

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Polish beatbox battle Qla vs Mic bandit. Mc bandit win ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

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mireu ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

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Thorsenas i abu papuole. Nu ir pareikalaus jegu sitas eventas zmoguj... Nors, nemanau, kad praeis eliminationa solo, but still. ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

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Domas Dominykas Benediktas Dieliautas Tomas Tradišauskas Povilas SlyGrid Tumis Bogdan Sienkievič ir visi kiti kas turi tag teamus - go go go! ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

Announcement - The Online Tag Team Contest starts now! Follow the link to be in the lineup (link to be provided). First 100 beatboxers will be part of the contest. Let’s do this. Here are The Online Tag Team Championship rules. 1. Get Kwaver app.kwaver.com, (available on iPhone and iPad) 2. Record your beatbox using the Kwaver 3. Encourage a fellow beatboxer to join your tag-team by having them JAM on your recording. 4. Share on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #kwaver and #swissbeatbox 5. Your collaboration will judged by Dharni, Faya Braz and Alexinho based on skill and originality. more here: kwaver.com/blog/online-tag-team-beatboxing-competition

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Vytas Ritm Smolskus pasidalino Hip Hop Collector Fat Boys - Human Beat Box #Live grupėje: Lithuanian Beatbox Family. ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

HUMAN BEAT BOX!!! Fat Boys!! >> Hip Hop Collector Classic hip hop videos: www.youtube.com/c/TheHiphopcollector

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www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3veCZxxPL4 Sitas tai FAVOURITE <3 <3 <3 ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

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atleyskytea jei buvo jau ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

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www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0LqKdcAhDA kaip jums sitas ? man tai labai patinka Musicality ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

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YRA ... Daugiau >< Mažiau

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